We are an institute that is involved in learning about social power, teaching about social power, and sponsoring and promoting actions that promote a more equitable society through the equalization of social power.

Social Power

Social Power is the ability of a person to control another person or group of people’s needs. An equal relationship between two people means that each person has equal control over the other person’s needs.

Learning about Social Power

Learning about Social Power is done by examining social science research that has been done and is being done now to form a theory that can be used to examine larger social structures (eg. peer groups, families, organizations, businesses, kin networks, towns, cities, nations) and the breakdowns of Social Power within those structures.

Teaching about Social Power

Teaching about Social Power is not just teaching about the theory of Social Power but also about education as a way to level Social Power differences.

Promoting actions for more equal Social Power

There are many different ideas and actions that can be undertaken to make Social Power in society more equal. Some of they quite small that can be undertaken widely and others that would be large and hard to implement but could have wide ranging effects.

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