Open Source Manufacturing

Open Source Manufacturing (OSM) consists of applying Free Open Source Software (FOSS) values and methods to the act of making things. There is now a burgening community that is venturing into this area. Several years ago, I came up with my own definition and guidelines so I that is linked below along with other definitions and links on the internet.

There are now a fair amount of variation on the theme of open source manufacturing. From the Wired article (, here are some of the most interesting:

  • Threadless – T-shirt manufacturing that crowd-sources designs
  • John Fulevog Shoes – Regular shoe manufacturer that has an crowd sourced effort for shoe design
  • Local Motors – They build crowd-sourced limited production vehicles that are produced in local “micro-factories”
  • River Simple – A small UK firm wanting to build a hydrogen fuel cell car whose design is open source. The open source info is supposed to be here.

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