Open Source Manufacturing – Our Definition

The Basics

FOSS values and methods

  • Transparency
  • No appropriation of work
  • Control depends on effort
  • Allows independent work
  • Non-hierarchical
  • Led by example

Requirements of manufacturing

  • Capital
  • Employees
  • Liability protection


Like FOSS, OSM needs a firm legal basis. For FOSS it is the license for the source code. For OSM it will be the organization charter. OSM Charter (organized by FOSS values)

  • Transparency
  • Intellectual property open to all
    • Operational transparency
  • No appopriation of work
    • Products made with IP must fulfill license
    • IP modifications re-released to community
  • Control depends on effort
    • Capital raised equitably
    • Shares distributed for effort as well as money
  • Allows independent work
    • Intellectual property open to all
  • Non-heirarchical and led by example
    • This is a work in progress

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    I was going to leave a comment inviting you to a group that focuses on OSM, but then I realized I already left a comment. 🙂 Cheers,

    – Bryan
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